This is for all the teachers who see and recognize when the status-quo content/curriculum isn’t cutting it for our students.

We understand one path to transparency is to be just that: transparent. Speak up during meetings. Have our research to back us up. Challenge the canon and “the way it’s always been done.” However, sometimes our concerns, warnings, and expertise is ignored. Students are masters of seeing through dishonest instruction. Sometimes teachers mistake lack of motivation to “laziness” and the implicit racial bias that often accompanies that label.

So we have to go rogue.

We have to create curriculum that not only meets students where they are, but help them cut through the brush to their own learning.

We rogue teachers invite you to share your stories, thoughts, resources, success and failures when it comes to going off the known map. We’ve all had those “shake our heads” moments when the faulty logic behind curriculum adoption doesn’t make sense. We’ll share our stories and struggles, too, and share this space. And try to have a little fun in the process.

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